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LKeyFit is physical fitness that focuses on mental well being. Linnett Key, the owner of LKeyFit, decided to develop a place that helps people to understand how mental well being is mandatory to maximize the benefits of physical health.  Its hard to develop self discipline to be fit when your not in a good space mentally!  Putting mental health and physical health in the same place and challenging others to be the best version of themselves!
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Fitness Trainer, Founder

    My love for health and fitness started when I was young. Today, I’ve been fortunate to turn my passion into a thriving profession. Since 2016 I’ve dedicated my life to helping my clients move towards a healthier lifestyle.

   Through working with a diverse group of clients, I’ve come to realize that everybody is unique, each with their own goals and lifestyle. I will construct a plan and training schedule according to your fitness experience and needs that will have you seeing results in no time.

    As a welder, Season 1 Tough as Nails Contestant, mother, and homeowner, I realized how much physical fitness is ABSOLUTELY necessary for an active independent life and how hard it is to achieve. Seeing a need and so I decided to help other reach a point where they can stay active and independent for as long as possible be developing LKeyFit !


Workout anywhere, anytime

I decided to make a video library to provide varies videos for challenges, targeting specific areas, full body, stretches and focus motivation!! Happy to present LKeyfit Video Library!


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