Why Is It So Hard For Me To Stick To A Workout Routine?

There are many different fitness diets, machines, and exercises that suppose to change your life. Give you that hourglass figure, and have everyone envying the ground you walk on. You've tried them all, some have even shown some results and then.... boom its been a month and you forgot all about it and now your jeans won't fit once again. Does this sound familiar? No worries. This rings true for many people searching endlessly to change their lifestyle.

When you look at the big picture in a whole it can seem overwhelming but when broken down into many pieces it can actually be understood and tackled better. Let's start off with the idea of fitness. Most people think of fitness as some hard self in flicked pain that is time consuming and almost impossible. And when you think of it that way why would you want to do it? To be fit is actually to be in good health. And a exercise is an activity requiring physical effort to maintain or/and improve health. Which honestly means exercise consists of plenty of fun things such as dancing, swimming, flipping, skating, etc. And eating healthy doesn't mean all disgusting no flavor foods. If you can take away the negative stigma you have about living a fit lifestyle. you may find it easier to make time for it. I mean who can't make a little time for some dancing, right?

Fitness and healthy eating can seem like a lot on your own which is where partner training, group exercise classes, fitness trainer or just a really encouraging friend who can help you be accountable comes into play. Fitness is 90% mental so of course its obvious that that's where we should starts. Duh. Yet it doesn't seem to come across the minds of so many as a team duo. So before you give up on this fit lifestyle journey step back for a moment and think make a list of the things that come to mind when you think of fitness, exercise, and diets. If they are negative thoughts go even deeper and see where they originate from for you. Once there, understand how those negative thoughts are NOT you nor do they hold any power over your future, Now replace those negative thoughts with positive ones. Replace exercises that may see daunting such as squats and push ups to dancing and swimming! Sounds super fun, right? Ok, some may say not those two exactly but you understand what I mean. Try to find the positivity in everything especially if it's something you want to do and/or need to do.

Always believe in yourself. Regardless of how many times you've come up short and started over. It does not matter at all. Push , you know why? Because you are worth it always point blank period. You got this You are awesome!

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